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Client-Centered 5-Step Plan™

The process in which we work with our clients is something that differentiates Markey Wealth Management from its competitors: the Client-Centered 5-Step Plan™.

The graphical representation of Markey Wealth Management's process for working with clients.  It begins with a discovery phase, followed by the creation of a plan, structuring, constant monitoring and review, and finally reblancing and reconnection.  Then the process starts from the beginning, graphically represented as arrows around the wheel.  The wheel's center is you, the client.

The first step is a one-on-one meeting where Darrin learns more about you, the client, and your personal financial needs and goals. 

After the consultation, Darrin creates a customized portfolio based upon what he discovered.

In a second meeting, the personalized plan is presented and explained in detail.  If there are any concerns, it's back to the drawing board for revisions.  When you approve, it is immediately implemented.

The financial plan is continually monitored and reviewed. 

The fifth step is one that many financial advisors overlook: rebalancing.  Markey Wealth Management believes that keeping assets balanced is the key to long-term wealth accumulation.


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