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Financial Planning

An attractive couple stands in front of their first home in Gainesville, Florida.  A "sold" sign in the front yard shows that they have just purchased it.

For many, financial planning is a daunting task.  We at Markey Wealth Management strive to make this process as straightforward and effortless as possible.

Financial planning is the process of understanding what your financial goals are, determining what assets can be used to accomplish them and mapping out a plan to achieve these goals.

We start with a conversation, discussing what is important to you, whether it be attaining financial peace of mind, retiring, funding a dream business, sending your children to college, or any other life goals.  From there, we create a roadmap to help you realize those goals.

Financial planning is not a static event.  As your life, the economy and the markets change, so should your plan.  In our practice, we work with clients using our Client-Centered 5-Step Plan, graphically represented as a wheel to show the unending nature of the process.  See the wheel and read about it in detail here.


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