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Investment Management

A young Gainesville woman embraces her daughter and dog on a dock overlooking the ocean.  They were able to afford their dream vacation through investment management strategies.

When clients engage us to manage their assets, we begin by focusing on their financial plan and then creating a customized portfolio with the same aim.  Since we are an Independent Financial Advisor, we provide unbiased advice and investment recommendations.  We use the latest portfolio management techniques and risk analysis tools when creating and managing portfolios.  We determine both how much risk you are willing to assume as an investor and how much risk is needed to achieve your goals. 

In the past, we have had some potential clients who we found to be assuming too much risk to achieve their financial goals.  Referring back to our slogan "Building, Managing & Preserving your Assets," our practice recognizes the fundamental importance of preserving the wealth you have already accumulated.  Smart investing and rebalancing of wealth are important steps in ensuring that an economic downturn would not have devastating consequences to your lifestyle. 

 These easy, straightforward conversations with our clients define their financial plans.

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