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Retirement Planning

A Gainesville, Florida couple enjoys their mosest retirement by drinking wine in their North Florida home.

Successful retirement planning is a life-long event.  It consists of 3 phases: accumulation, transition to retirement and living in retirement.  At Markey Wealth Management, we can help guide you through all stages of planning.

Initially, we evaluate your retirement goals and objectives and use top of the line planning software to quantify what it would take to achieve your goals.  From there, our practice can calculate whether or not you are saving enough for retirement, predict future income needs and put you on a track to achieve your goals.

The transition from working life to retired life is often a time filled with uncertainty.  Markey Wealth Management has a process in place to help you understand your income in retirement.  We discuss how much income your portfolio can provide and how long you can reasonably expect it to last.  We also include income from other sources, such as social security and pensions, to give you a clear picture of what your retirement income will be.

Our practice evaluates which type of retirement plan(s) are right for you, be it a Roth or traditional IRA, SIMPLE plan or a 401(k).  We can also roll over and consolidate your existing retirement plans, thus simplifying your life.


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